Conventional and Uncoventional Measuring

We measured each other with magnet blocks and then with a tape measure.  We all decided to get the most accurate measurement you really need to use a tape measure, but it is more fun to measure with magnet blocks!  We painted with tools and built castles out of blocks!

REMINDER:  Book orders are due today, I will finalize the order in the morning,  if you would like to take advantage of the coupon you have until the end of the night.  Have a wonderful weekend!

wpid-20141107_074111.jpg wpid-20141107_100157.jpg wpid-20141107_100253.jpg wpid-20141107_100501.jpg

Our M Song- “Monkey see. Monkey do. Come meet monkey in the zoo.  If you make a face, he might make one, too. Monkeys love to mimic you.” ABC Sing-Along

DSCN8341 DSCN8342 DSCN8343 DSCN8347 DSCN8349 DSCN8350 DSCN8354 DSCN8356 DSCN8361 DSCN8364 DSCN8374 DSCN8379 DSCN8380 DSCN8391 DSCN8394

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