Happy Veteran’s Day and Roll, Count, Build Game

We took a little break from Hibernation week to talk about our Veteran’s.  We examined our flag, counted the stripes and stars.  We talked about how we should treat our flag with respect and how important it is to tell our Military families thank you for keeping us safe.  We painted with Red, White, and Blue,  worked on writing our names, and  Hibernation week appeared during gross motor time when they made a cave and pretended to be a bear hibernating and waking up in the spring. In the afternoon we created a new dice block building game, the children named it Roll, Count, Build.  You had to roll the dice, count the number and use that many blocks to build something.


DSCN8431 DSCN8430 DSCN8426 DSCN8424 DSCN8420 DSCN8415 wpid-20141111_094815.jpg wpid-20141111_095125.jpg wpid-20141111_095211.jpg wpid-20141111_112436.jpg wpid-20141111_112441.jpg wpid-20141111_152040.jpg wpid-20141111_152324.jpgwpid-20141111_162456.jpg

wpid-20141111_153348.jpg wpid-20141111_155025.jpg wpid-20141111_155226.jpg wpid-20141111_155452.jpg wpid-20141111_155712.jpg wpid-20141111_155818.jpg wpid-20141111_155917.jpg wpid-20141111_160520.jpg

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