We read Tap the Magic Tree, it has the children do different things on each page, I love interactive books! It explains how a tree changes with each season.  We talked about how animals that don’t hibernate or migrate are gathering and storing food for the long cold winter.  We did artwork with acorns;  We painted with them by rolling them back and forth, and we made it snow by sticking white paint and acorns in a peanut butter container and shook it really hard back and forth.  They loved both, but the surprise factor of the snow painting was their favorite!

REMINDER: Tomorrow is Hibernation Day Wear your pajamas and bring your favorite stuffed friend!

DSCN8504 DSCN8505 DSCN8507 DSCN8508 DSCN8510 DSCN8515 DSCN8519 DSCN8520 DSCN8522 DSCN8525 DSCN8526 DSCN8531 DSCN8539 DSCN8541 DSCN8548 DSCN8551 wpid-20141113_101102.jpg wpid-20141113_105041.jpg wpid-20141113_111950.jpg

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