This week we will be learning about the first Thanksgiving and we will be talking about things we are thankful for.  Today, we started working on our Thankful Tree.  We read Give Thanks For Each Day. We went around the circle and said something we were thankful for, their answers will be on our Thankful Tree.  We also couldn’t pass up a chance to play with some snow!  Crazy weather!  We are making fall leaves to put on our thankful tree and playing in a bowl full of snow!  We turned the snow activity into a color mixing experiment by adding blue and yellow watercolor with our plastic droppers.

REMINDER: Thanksgiving Lunch 11:30-12:00 Tuesday, November 25.  No School November 26, 27, and 28th.

DSCN8647 DSCN8648 DSCN8649 DSCN8655 DSCN8656 DSCN8659 DSCN8661 DSCN8663 DSCN8669 DSCN8672 DSCN8674 DSCN8685 DSCN8691

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