Wampanoag and Squanto

We talked about the first Thanksgiving concentrating mostly on the Native Americans today.  The definition of Wampanoag according to the book Squanto’s Journey is “The overall name applied to a number of related native peoples in the area of present-day Massachusetts.  Literal translation is “People of the First Light”. Squanto became friends with the pilgrims and taught them how to farm and survive in their new world.  The book we read was The Very First Thanksgiving Day.  We made Native American headbands and strung noodles to make a necklace.  Our VIP shared her VIP board and some of her favorite toys.  We also welcomed a new… well not so new to us, friend today!  It was his first official without mommy day :o)

wpid-20141118_102131.jpg wpid-20141118_102124.jpg


Learning our letter of the week in Sign Language… K

DSCN8698 DSCN8696 DSCN8713 DSCN8711 wpid-20141119_082847.jpg wpid-20141119_103945.jpg wpid-20141119_103951.jpg wpid-20141119_103958.jpg wpid-20141119_104143.jpg wpid-20141119_104955.jpg wpid-20141119_104959.jpg wpid-20141119_105019.jpg

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