St. Nicholas Day

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day, it is a Hungarian Tradition where children set out their polished boots for St. Nicholas to fill them with treats.  We decorated a boot and hung it on our cubbies.  We hope that St. Nicholas can make a stop at PLA, too!   We made cookies out of play dough, and played with our new little Christmas Tree!  If you have trouble keeping your child away from your Christmas Tree, try buying them their own small one that they can decorate as much as they like.  Spidey made himself the VIP!

wpid-20141205_163554.jpg wpid-20141205_080950.jpg wpid-20141205_081544.jpg wpid-20141205_091311.jpg wpid-20141205_091933.jpg wpid-20141205_092331-1.jpg wpid-20141205_093443.jpg wpid-20141205_094828.jpg wpid-20141205_130747.jpg wpid-20141205_102200.jpg wpid-20141205_151109.jpg wpid-20141205_151155.jpg wpid-20141204_191434.jpg

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