Polar Express, Trains, and Gingerbread

We read The Gingerbread Baby and made sticky art Gingerbread men.  We added some Cinnamon and spices to make it a multi-sensory art experience!  We painted with jingle bells, made Christmas cookies out of play dough, and had a lot of fun playing!  We collected dimes and learned that they are worth 10 cents, we counted by 10s all the way to $6.50!  Spidey made us a Christmas Countdown Chain!

DSCN9208 DSCN9214 DSCN9220 DSCN9227 DSCN9241 DSCN9244 DSCN9245 DSCN9249 DSCN9252 DSCN9258 wpid-20141210_174953-1.jpg wpid-20141210_171908-1.jpg wpid-20141210_171208.jpg wpid-20141210_164710.jpg wpid-20141209_173522.jpg

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