Christmas Around the World

Today, we learned about Christmas in England.  A lot of our Christmas Traditions came from England two examples are sending Christmas cards and kissing under the mistletoe.  We made art with green triangles and brown foam squares, as well as glue, stickers, markers and crayons.  We also worked on gifts, but those are a surprise!  Spidey had to go to the Elf Hospital Thursday night, because he was touched and lost his magic.  He was back today, and made a mess on the kitchen counter.  I think he was trying to make a snow angel in flour.  I promise Polar Express Day pictures are coming, they are on Big Emiliea’s camera and I keep forgetting to download them.  I am sad to say Miss Brittany will be leaving us, and her last day will be Thursday.  It has been so much fun working with you and the children and I are going to miss you so much!  I hope the future has great things in store for you!  We love you and hope you visit often!  Miss Vicki will be working more hours and you will see more of Miss Wendy, too!

wpid-20141215_103118.jpg wpid-20141215_103854.jpg wpid-20141215_103812.jpg wpid-20141215_103028.jpg wpid-20141215_085005.jpg wpid-20141215_073906.jpg wpid-20141215_111333.jpg wpid-20141215_111338.jpg

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