New Year Celebrations From Around the World

In Belgium it is a tradition for children to write a letter to their parents or god parents and read them on New Year’s morning.  During circle time we “wrote” a New Year letter to our parents in our journal.  We found Belgium on our globe.  We also did beanbag songs and played a beanbag passing game.  Some of us painted at the easel, and dress-up center has been the most popular this week!

wpid-20150107_093250.jpg wpid-20150107_093312.jpg wpid-20150107_093858.jpg wpid-20150107_095814.jpg wpid-20150107_100030.jpg wpid-20150107_100121.jpg wpid-20150107_100125.jpg wpid-20150107_101026.jpg wpid-20150107_101048.jpg wpid-20150107_101645.jpg wpid-20150107_101816-1.jpg wpid-20150107_102508.jpg wpid-20150107_103130.jpg wpid-20150107_105005.jpg wpid-20150107_111257-1.jpg wpid-20150107_111929-1.jpg

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