Polar Animals

This week our theme is Polar Animals and our Letter of the week is Y.  We learned how to make Y in sign language… Y is one of my favorite letters to teach because you can shake your Y and it becomes yellow or add another Y with your other hand and shake them both and it becomes the sign for PLAY!!  One of my favorite words!  You can also add your pointer finger and it becomes I love you!  See if your child can teach you :o)

wpid-20150126_102215.jpg wpid-20150126_102250.jpg

We read a book called Who Lives Here? Polar Animals, and then matched our polar animals to the pictures in the book.  I asked the children if they could think of something fun to do on ice and they said Ice Skating!  (That is what I was hoping they would say)  You would never believe how much fun you can have with a box of waxed paper and some carpet!  I highly recommend you try indoor ice skating at home!!  Our VIP shared her board and some of her favorite books with us!

wpid-20150126_102602.jpg wpid-20150126_102651.jpg wpid-20150126_102828.jpg wpid-20150126_103310.jpg wpid-20150126_103408.jpg wpid-20150126_103412-1.jpg wpid-20150126_105848.jpg DSCN0479 DSCN0482 DSCN0484 DSCN0485 DSCN0491 DSCN0492

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