Pet Week

The kiddos were a little disappointed that we rescheduled the field trip, but with the cold temperatures and the way it was snowing this morning I think it was a good decision.  We have rescheduled the field trip from next Thursday, March 5th.  Thank you for understanding and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.   We still had a fun day!  We played our Who’s missing game again, but this time instead of me always picking I let them take turns picking which friend they waned to hide under the parachute.  We reviewed the pets in sign language, and listened to Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  We also made Pete the Cat art at table time.

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Pet Week

We read Not Norman today.  It is about a pet goldfish that is not very loved at first, the little boy would rather have a dog or a cat, but by the end of the book he decides that Norman is a pretty cool goldfish!  We sang and did our ABC’s in sign, and listened to our Q song.  We created art with a basket full of art supplies and we made our own aquariums with baggies, hair gel and foam sea creatures.  We also got to go to the playground again!  FINALLY!!  Thank you, Miss Wendy, for playing with us today!

REMINDER: Field Trip tomorrow!!  Don’t forget to leave car seats if you are not able to join us.  If they roads are bad at all I will reschedule and if school is canceled I will also reschedule.

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Pet Week

We have been learning about each others pets and we will create a chart with the information tomorrow.  Almost everyone has at least 1 dog and almost everyone has a cat, too.  We made homemade dog treats and painted with dog bone treats.  Here is the link for the recipe we used for the dog treats…   We played who is missing at music and movement time.  All of the children would hide their eyes and I would tap one of them on the shoulder, they would go hide under the parachute and I would tell them all to open their eyes.  They then had to guess who was missing.  They were very good at this game, and very hard to trick… even when I went under they figured it out immediately!  We also did stick songs, played in the PLA Animal Hospital and of course played!

REMINDER: Field Trip is Thursday morning!!  Wear your PLA shirts and don’t forget the car seats!


Playing Who Is Missing

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Animal Hospital – Monday

This group of kiddos loves animals!  Monday they helped me transform our kitchen center into an animal hospital!  Our letter this week is Q, we learned how to do it in sign as well as how to sign cat, dog, fish, turtle, cow, horse, and rabbit.  I posted some cute PLA Animal Hospital pictures on our facebook page  Here are a few more pictures from Monday…


Freeze Dance




Making our PLA Animal Hospital sign

DSCN1358 DSCN1378

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome back!   I was happy the snow days are over, so we could celebrate Chinese New Year!  Gung Hay Fat Choy wishing you good fortune and happiness!  Here is a link to the song we sang today: We played Chinese Zodiac Charades, by picking a Chinese Zodiac Animal out of a bag, acting like the animal and trying to get our friends to guess which animal we were. We practiced our cutting skills by making paper Chinese lanterns and we painted with red, yellow and black paint.  We ate chicken stir fry for lunch and used chop sticks.  I was very impressed with their chopstick skills!

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