Valentine Week

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day all week!  Our letter of the week is C, we learned how to make C in sign language, sang our ABC song, and listened to our C song.  We made and played with Chocolate Play Dough… here is the recipe we used It smelled so good!!  We added Valentine’s to our writing center and a word wall with our names and a mailbox to deliver Valentine’s to our friends!  I love hearing them spell each others names, comparing the letters in their names, and seeing them try to write each others names!  We also welcomed a new friend today!!

DSCN0896 DSCN0898 DSCN0899 DSCN0905 DSCN0910 DSCN0912 DSCN0920 DSCN0933 DSCN0934 DSCN0941 DSCN0945 DSCN0947 DSCN0952 DSCN0954 DSCN0957

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