Lake of the Ozarks Animal Hospital – Field Trip Day!!

We went to Lake of the Ozarks Animal Hospital today.  It was such a great field trip.  Everyone there is so nice and welcoming!  The children loved it so much!  Their favorite things were looking at the x-rays (they are still talking about the fish hook and the ring!  They can’t believe a dog would eat those things!) and of course when we got to pet sweet Gracie!  Thank you so much to our mom volunteers that helped drive and Grandma and Grandpa that met us there and helped keep an eye on our kiddos!  We could not go on these field trips without you!!  And a Huge Thank You to the Animal Hospital!  We are so grateful you let us interrupt your business this morning.

wpid-20150305_093140.jpg wpid-20150305_093316.jpg wpid-20150305_093443.jpg wpid-20150305_093543.jpg wpid-20150305_093642.jpg wpid-20150305_093806.jpg wpid-20150305_094009.jpg wpid-20150305_094128.jpg wpid-20150305_094225.jpg wpid-20150305_094349.jpg wpid-20150305_094420.jpg wpid-20150305_094437.jpg wpid-20150305_094603.jpg wpid-20150305_094610.jpg wpid-20150305_094627.jpg wpid-20150305_094637.jpg wpid-20150305_094703.jpg wpid-20150305_095032.jpg wpid-20150305_095059.jpg wpid-20150305_095110.jpg wpid-20150305_095319.jpg wpid-20150305_095442.jpg wpid-20150305_095926.jpg wpid-20150305_100147.jpg wpid-20150305_100201.jpg wpid-20150305_100222.jpg wpid-20150305_100336.jpg wpid-20150305_100353.jpg wpid-20150305_100415.jpg wpid-20150305_100800.jpg

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