“I Am NOT Going to Get Out of Bed Today!” Day

We wore our pajamas to school today; that is always a fun way to end the week!  What better thing to do on a pajama day then make a blanket fort?!  I can’t think of anything; So that is exactly what we did!  We  read I Am NOT Going to Get Out of Bed Today!  We also read 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish as we read we found the rhyming words and I wrote them on the white board.  We made a red fish, and a blue fish with our hands.  We then rubbed our 2 hands together to see what color we would get when you mix red and blue.  We had a super fun Dr. Seuss Week!  Thank you for helping your kiddos dress for the day!  Next week, is always a favorite for the kiddos, we will be designing and making leprechaun traps!  Have a wonderful weekend!

wpid-20150306_083448.jpg wpid-20150306_084618.jpg wpid-20150306_084626.jpg wpid-20150306_091610.jpg wpid-20150306_091735.jpg wpid-20150306_091930.jpg wpid-20150306_092108.jpg wpid-20150306_092254.jpg wpid-20150306_095824.jpg wpid-20150306_100538.jpg wpid-20150306_102522.jpg wpid-20150306_102531.jpg

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