Traps, Leprechauns, and Rainbows

This week is one of the kiddos favorite themes. They talk about leprechaun traps and traps in general all year!  They also still talk about the tricks the leprechaun has played on us in the past.  So, when I told them what our theme was this week they immediately started brainstorming trap ideas!  I wrote as fast as I could and tried to get all of their ideas down…


I overheard them talking about traps all morning… things like “we are going to need to get some rope, and we have to make a cage.”  “Don’t forget the gears and screws!” “And gold coins, and lots of rainbows” “He will not get away this year!” I love their excitement!  Our letter of the week is S.  We sang our s song, and sang our ABC song.  We read a book called What is a Rainbow? It taught us the science behind a rainbow and we learned the word prism.  We also talked about the colors in a rainbow and painted with those colors.

wpid-20150309_103917.jpg wpid-20150309_103449.jpg wpid-20150309_102921.jpg wpid-20150309_102819.jpg wpid-20150309_102353.jpg wpid-20150309_102543.jpg wpid-20150309_091743.jpg wpid-20150309_112108.jpg wpid-20150309_112216.jpg

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