Trap Building Day 1

Thank you for all of the donated supplies!!  This post doesn’t need a lot of explaining… just enjoy the pictures!!  I love this week!!  Their teamwork and problem solving skills are very impressive!


“Look I caught a leprechaun!”

wpid-20150311_094957.jpg wpid-20150311_095054.jpg wpid-20150311_095108.jpg wpid-20150311_095148.jpg wpid-20150311_095308.jpg wpid-20150311_095414.jpg wpid-20150311_095657.jpg wpid-20150311_095740.jpg wpid-20150311_095759.jpg wpid-20150311_095812.jpg wpid-20150311_100215.jpg wpid-20150311_100229.jpg wpid-20150311_100502.jpg wpid-20150311_100602.jpg wpid-20150311_100638.jpg wpid-20150311_100651.jpg wpid-20150311_100705.jpg wpid-20150311_100720.jpg wpid-20150311_100758.jpg wpid-20150311_101027.jpg wpid-20150311_101103.jpg wpid-20150311_101359.jpg wpid-20150311_102130.jpg wpid-20150311_102411.jpg wpid-20150311_103142.jpg wpid-20150311_103416.jpg wpid-20150311_103637.jpg wpid-20150311_103705.jpg wpid-20150311_112909.jpg

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