Leprechaun Trap Building Day 2

During circle time we read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover.  We then collected red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple toys to create a giant rainbow.  They worked so well together!  They were communicating with each other and two of the girls decided to be the organizer/rainbow builders;  All of the other children would bring them the toys and they would put them in the rainbow shape.  I loved the way this turned out, and the best part they used the same teamwork to put all of the toys away!  You can see a couple of pictures on our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/plaacademy During music and movement time we played with the parachute and a ball.  We tried to keep the ball from falling off, but that was not easy.  We also danced to “The Body Rock” and “The Freeze Dance”  We worked on our leprechaun traps again.  My main job of the day was tape cutter and glue distributer for the ladder builders.

REMINDER: Book Orders are due tomorrow!


Clean up crew – table washers


Clean up crew – sweeper

wpid-20150312_083951.jpg wpid-20150312_094109.jpg wpid-20150312_090110.jpg wpid-20150312_090052.jpg wpid-20150312_102206.jpg wpid-20150312_102212-1.jpg wpid-20150312_103133.jpg wpid-20150312_103318.jpg wpid-20150312_103720.jpg wpid-20150312_103758.jpg wpid-20150312_104302.jpg wpid-20150312_104312.jpg wpid-20150312_104324.jpg wpid-20150312_110527.jpg wpid-20150312_112431.jpg wpid-20150312_112541.jpg

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