Our Class Pet – Disney

The children got to meet their new class guinea pig this morning.  It was love at first sight!  After all of the children suggested names we agreed on the final two… Linny and Disney.  We then took a final vote and Disney was the unanimous winner!  Classroom pets can bring a lot to a classroom!  Here is a wonderful article I found on the benefits of classroom animals  http://www.petsintheclassroom.org/teachers/benefits-of-classroom-animals/

wpid-20150316_100010.jpg wpid-20150316_100100.jpg wpid-20150316_100136.jpg wpid-20150316_100228.jpg wpid-20150316_100334.jpg wpid-20150316_100425.jpg wpid-20150316_100520.jpg wpid-20150316_100531.jpg

wpid-20150316_100249.jpg wpid-20150316_141830.jpg wpid-20150316_141916.jpg wpid-20150316_132927.jpg

Our letter of the week is A.  We did our A song, learned how to make A in sign language, and talked about words that begin with the letter A.  We put the finishing touches on our Leprechaun Traps.  We will lay them out this afternoon and hope we can catch him tonight!  Miss Coli, from the library, came in to read and share a felt board story with us. We enjoyed another beautiful day on the playground and welcomed a new friend today!


A in Sign Language


A in Sign Language

wpid-20150316_093229.jpg wpid-20150316_112902.jpg wpid-20150316_112848.jpg wpid-20150316_112220.jpg wpid-20150316_112216.jpg wpid-20150316_104159.jpg wpid-20150316_103908.jpg wpid-20150316_103312.jpg wpid-20150316_102645.jpg wpid-20150316_102639.jpg wpid-20150316_101914.jpg wpid-20150316_102132.jpg

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