Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

That sneaky little leprechaun escaped our traps again this year.  He also left a huge mess, and played a few tricks on us!  He left big rocks on our playground that were half painted gold.  He also left notes under the rocks that led us to a special treat.  We didn’t get his gold, but we did get a treasure!  We made 3D Rainbow Art at table time.  Thanks to one of my favorite blogs for the 10 second rule we were able to keep our paper strips in place.  http://www.teachpreschool.org/2012/03/paper-rainbows-and-the-ten-second-rule/  Plus, hearing them count over and over again at art time was a great thing too!  Many of them decided 10 seconds wasn’t long enough so we had many that counted to 20 over and over again :o) We had a special breakfast of Lucky Charms and lunch was corned beef and cabbage!


Where is that leprechaun?


Checking our traps


We found the treasure!


Our Treasure!


wpid-20150317_101737.jpg wpid-20150317_101805.jpg wpid-20150317_112707-1-1.jpg wpid-20150317_112646.jpg wpid-20150317_105725.jpg wpid-20150317_105548.jpg wpid-20150317_105435.jpg wpid-20150317_102540.jpg wpid-20150317_102445.jpg wpid-20150317_101944.jpg wpid-20150317_101749.jpg wpid-20150317_100530.jpg wpid-20150317_082329.jpg

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