This week our theme is Weather.  Yesterday, we talked about the 4 seasons and what the weather is like during each season. We made a chart to see which season our class likes the best – Summer and Autumn tied with 5, Spring has 4 and Winter has 2.  We learned about clouds, we talked about the different types and what kind of weather each one would likely bring.  We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.  This is a great cloud book and the children can help read it.  It is about all of the things clouds can look like.  We were lucky to have some clouds to look at on the playground yesterday too!!  At table time we made cloud art with blue construction paper, cotton balls, glue, and white paint.


Trash Truck!! :o)


Families are always welcome to hang out!


Weather Chalk Art


Weather Chalk Art


Clouds for Cloud Day!!


Sorting Weather Pictures


Duck Duck…




Early Morning Watercolor


Early Morning Watercolor

wpid-20150323_154321.jpg wpid-20150323_141513.jpg wpid-20150323_141421.jpg wpid-20150323_103331.jpg wpid-20150323_103236.jpg wpid-20150323_103225.jpg wpid-20150323_112527.jpg

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