Weather – Rain

Today we learned about rain.  We read The Rain Came Down by David Shannon.  We have also been reading and looking at our Weather Science series books that have been in our Science Center this month.  We made umbrellas out of big coffee filters, we used markers to color it and then sprayed it with a water bottle to make a cool tie-dye effect. We used cotton ball clouds to transfer rain water from one bowl to another.  This afternoon we filled a cup with water and put a shaving cream cloud on top.  Next we dripped blue watercolor onto the cloud until the color started making it rain into the cup.  Just like when a cloud gets full of water droplets and it rains!  After we did it as a group we let them experiment with their own cup and a dropper.  Thanks Miss Wendy for playing with us today!

REMINDER – Easter Party Wednesday April 1st 10:45-11:30 every child that will be here needs to bring a dozen plastic filled eggs for our egg hunt. Spring Break April 2nd – April 6th PLA will be closed.  We will reopen Tuesday April 7th.

wpid-20150325_080303-1.jpg wpid-20150325_093353.jpg wpid-20150325_095321.jpg wpid-20150325_101254.jpg wpid-20150325_101343.jpg wpid-20150325_101612.jpg wpid-20150325_101655.jpg wpid-20150325_101700.jpg wpid-20150325_102000.jpg wpid-20150325_144147-1.jpg wpid-20150325_154827.jpg wpid-20150325_154902.jpg wpid-20150325_154929.jpg wpid-20150325_154917.jpg wpid-20150325_155304.jpg

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