Weather – Sun

On Thursday, we learned about the sun.  We talked about how the sun controls our weather, and we learned that the sun is a giant ball of hot gas!  We sang Oh Mr. Sun and played musical chairs. We made sun art with a paper plate, and yellow and orange art materials.  We loved the sunny warm weather we had yesterday afternoon!  We spent the whole afternoon on the playground!  We also re-arranged our playground to fit in all of our new equipment!  I love our playground!  Thank You Big Emilea, Miss Vicki, Miss Wendy, Billy and all of the prek kiddos for all of your hard work yesterday!


REMINDER: Wednesday from 10:45-11:30 We will have our Easter Party.  Everyone is invited to come.  Every child needs a dozen filled plastic eggs for our egg hunt.  One of our moms brought in a craft if anyone else would like to be in charge of a craft or game let me know.  PLA will be closed Thursday 4/2 –  Monday 4/6 for Spring Break. We will reopen on Tuesday 4/7.

wpid-20150325_155304.jpg wpid-20150326_101031.jpg wpid-20150326_101329.jpg wpid-20150326_103524.jpg

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