Easter Party / Egg Hunt

Thank you to all of the moms, dads, and grandmas that were able to join us today!  Thank You to the families that brought in extra eggs, they came in handy!  Have a wonderful and safe Spring Break!  See you Tuesday, April 7th!

wpid-20150401_111939.jpg wpid-20150401_111920.jpg wpid-20150401_111830.jpg wpid-20150401_111824.jpg wpid-20150401_111722.jpg wpid-20150401_111716.jpg wpid-20150401_111708.jpg wpid-20150401_111706.jpg wpid-20150401_111657.jpg wpid-20150401_111651.jpg wpid-20150401_111648.jpg wpid-20150401_111643.jpg wpid-20150401_111058.jpg wpid-20150401_111021.jpg wpid-20150401_110900.jpg wpid-20150401_110742.jpg wpid-20150401_110738.jpg wpid-20150401_110553.jpg wpid-20150401_110547.jpg wpid-20150401_110530.jpg wpid-20150401_110428.jpg wpid-20150401_110352.jpg wpid-20150401_110331.jpg wpid-20150401_110204.jpg wpid-20150401_110159.jpg wpid-20150401_110146.jpg wpid-20150401_110037.jpg wpid-20150401_110057.jpg wpid-20150401_110024.jpg wpid-20150401_105839.jpg wpid-20150401_105834.jpg wpid-20150401_105348.jpg wpid-20150401_105354.jpg wpid-20150401_105405.jpg wpid-20150401_105818.jpg wpid-20150401_105828.jpg

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