This week our theme is construction. During circle time we talked about what construction is… we named some of the big equipment used in construction as well as some of the tools.  We also talked about things that you can build or construct, roads, bridges, houses, tree houses, ponds, gardens, boats, submarines, helicopters, tunnels, playhouses… were some of the things the children came up with.  This group loves to build, use tools, and measure things.  This will be a fun week!  Today we played with our ABC wooden blocks in our play dough.  They discovered that you could use them as stamps and make letters in the dough, they also discovered you could use them to measure with, and of course build with.  We used green and brown finger paint to paint with our tractors and trucks.

wpid-20150407_100838.jpg wpid-20150407_100847.jpg wpid-20150407_100912.jpg wpid-20150407_100930.jpg wpid-20150407_101013.jpg wpid-20150407_101105.jpg wpid-20150407_101422.jpg wpid-20150407_101437.jpg wpid-20150407_101508.jpg wpid-20150407_101834.jpg wpid-20150407_101840.jpg wpid-20150407_101854.jpg wpid-20150407_101857.jpg wpid-20150407_102239.jpg wpid-20150407_103849.jpg wpid-20150407_134636.jpg wpid-20150407_165627.jpg wpid-20150407_170554.jpg wpid-20150407_170620.jpg

We are enjoying our new motor room toys!  A trampoline… Thanks Miss Wendy for keeping your eyes on the garage sale sites for me, and our new balance beam!

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