We read Froggy Builds a Tree House and sang/read The Wheels on the Truck.  We constructed an obstacle in the motor room.  They had so much fun taking turns and then one of the kiddos had the idea to do it in reverse!  After circle time we used our blocks to see what we could construct together as a team.  That lasted for a couple of minutes and then quickly turned into a competition between 2 teams to see who could build the tallest structure! This group is competitive, but in a good way.  We have talked a lot about team work and being a gracious winner.  We always tell the other group good game and give high fives!


Helping clean out Disney’s cage

wpid-20150408_085705.jpg wpid-20150408_095253.jpg wpid-20150408_095306.jpg wpid-20150408_095321.jpg wpid-20150408_095329.jpg wpid-20150408_095333.jpg wpid-20150408_095340.jpg wpid-20150408_095538.jpg wpid-20150408_095619.jpg wpid-20150408_095842.jpg wpid-20150408_103232.jpg wpid-20150408_103253.jpg wpid-20150408_103424.jpg wpid-20150408_104142.jpg wpid-20150408_111916.jpg wpid-20150408_112749.jpg

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