We had special visitors today from the Camden County Health Department and the MO Water Patrol.  They talked to the children about life jacket safety and they all promised they would never go near the water alone.  They also promised to always wear a life jacket.

wpid-20150416_090542.jpg wpid-20150416_091352.jpg wpid-20150416_091424.jpg wpid-20150416_091659.jpg wpid-20150416_091753.jpg wpid-20150416_091800.jpg wpid-20150416_091913.jpg wpid-20150416_092124.jpg

We found the letter T and circled them.  We also learned that if you need to go potty you can say it in sign language by making the letter t and shaking it.  We have done so much product art (art that all looks the same) this week because of the float… my least favorite and the children’s least favorite, too.  I let them express some of their creativity by letting them finger paint today!

wpid-20150416_103820.jpg wpid-20150416_103305.jpg wpid-20150416_103256.jpg wpid-20150416_103215.jpg wpid-20150416_102908.jpg wpid-20150416_102810.jpg wpid-20150416_101429.jpg wpid-20150416_101409.jpg wpid-20150416_101339.jpg

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