Reuse, Reduce, Recycle – Monday

This week our letter of the week is J and it is also the last letter!  We are done with the alphabet… we will spend the rest of the year reviewing all of the letters!  Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd.  We will be talking about things we can do to help our Earth this week!  Today, we painted with some small plastic Earths I recycled from the top of our animal tubes.  We also discovered our Earth appears mostly blue and green from space so we painted with those 2 colors.  Miss Coli from the Camden County Library came and read to us for the last time this year.  Thank You Miss Coli for a great year!  We will see you in October!

wpid-20150420_094308.jpg wpid-20150420_094435.jpg wpid-20150420_103116.jpg wpid-20150420_103118.jpg wpid-20150420_103156.jpg wpid-20150420_103206.jpg wpid-20150420_103238.jpg wpid-20150420_103252.jpg wpid-20150420_103311.jpg wpid-20150420_105130.jpg wpid-20150420_105133.jpg wpid-20150420_112133.jpg wpid-20150420_160515.jpg wpid-20150420_155749.jpg wpid-20150420_144650.jpg wpid-20150420_144645.jpg wpid-20150420_144120.jpg

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