Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

For music and movement time we did stick songs.  We sang our J song and “tapped it out” this is their favorite part of circle time.  We always have to listen to our letter song at least twice!  We reused paper towel tubes at art time; we made stamps with some of them and the rest were cut and used to create whatever they wanted.  Some kiddos also added recycled lids to their artwork.

wpid-20150421_082756.jpg wpid-20150421_083856.jpg wpid-20150421_094728.jpg wpid-20150421_095735.jpg wpid-20150421_102404.jpg wpid-20150421_102704.jpg wpid-20150421_102725.jpg wpid-20150421_103159.jpg wpid-20150421_103339.jpg wpid-20150421_103401.jpg wpid-20150421_103512.jpg wpid-20150421_103531.jpg wpid-20150421_103807.jpg wpid-20150421_103902.jpg wpid-20150421_103932.jpg wpid-20150421_104245.jpg wpid-20150421_104429.jpg wpid-20150421_110841.jpg

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