Happy Earth Day!

For Earth Day we picked up all of the trash around our school.

wpid-20150422_104418.jpg wpid-20150422_104343.jpg wpid-20150422_103806-1.jpg wpid-20150422_103759.jpg wpid-20150422_103625.jpg wpid-20150422_103622.jpg wpid-20150422_103522-1.jpg wpid-20150422_103307.jpg wpid-20150422_103304.jpg wpid-20150422_103215-1.jpg

Our J song talked about James and Judy jumping rope.  They wanted to try jumping rope so we got it out during music and movement time.  This is not something we have mastered yet!  They were super cute trying and they were experts at jumping over cones and cups!

wpid-20150422_093524.jpg wpid-20150422_093714.jpg wpid-20150422_093803.jpg wpid-20150422_093924.jpg wpid-20150422_094120.jpg wpid-20150422_094227.jpg wpid-20150422_094314.jpg wpid-20150422_112109.jpg wpid-20150422_112133.jpg wpid-20150422_112142.jpg

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