Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

We found and circled the letter J in our J song.  We painted the big rocks we found on our outside trash pick-up yesterday!  We did stick songs and lots of playing!

REMINDER: Please, return the forms I sent home so I know how many children will be attending PLA Summer Academy and who needs a spot for next fall.  Thank You!

wpid-20150423_084818.jpg wpid-20150423_085320.jpg wpid-20150423_101410.jpg wpid-20150423_101604.jpg wpid-20150423_101706.jpg wpid-20150423_101835.jpg wpid-20150423_102401.jpg wpid-20150423_102320.jpg wpid-20150423_102424.jpg wpid-20150423_102741.jpg wpid-20150423_102746.jpg wpid-20150423_104831.jpg wpid-20150423_104838.jpg wpid-20150423_111002-1.jpg wpid-20150423_111853.jpg

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