Seeds and Plants – Wednesday

We read one of our new favorite books Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds.  I read it at circle time and I probably 6 more times after.  We also read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom again; most of the children can just about read it all by themselves now!  We planted carrot seeds in 2 liter bottles and made our own carrots by ripping orange paper and gluing it on a carrot cut out.  I also added some green strips for the carrot tops and some eyeball stickers if they chose to turn their carrot into a creepy carrot from our book.

Thank You, Miss Tiffany, for helping me this morning!

wpid-20150429_093511.jpg wpid-20150429_093527.jpg wpid-20150429_095848.jpg wpid-20150429_095910.jpg wpid-20150429_095916.jpg wpid-20150429_100221.jpg wpid-20150429_100400.jpg wpid-20150429_101059.jpg wpid-20150429_101045.jpg wpid-20150429_101144.jpg wpid-20150429_101527.jpg wpid-20150429_102415.jpg wpid-20150429_103036.jpg wpid-20150429_103040.jpg wpid-20150429_152307.jpg

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