Seeds and Plants

We studied the parts of a flower… roots, stem, leaves, and flower, using a flower we found right outside of our playground.  We then rolled ourselves into a ball and pretended to be a tiny seed laying underground.  The rain fell and the sun shined and then they popped out of the ground and now they are a seedling or sprout.  The children then sat up on their knees.  I told them more sun and more rain fell on them and now they are a big beautiful flower.  They all stood up and held their arms up over their head to make a flower!  They then went to the art table to draw the parts of the flower, and we planted pansies.

wpid-20150430_095904.jpg wpid-20150430_095917.jpg wpid-20150430_095923.jpg wpid-20150430_100145.jpg wpid-20150430_100648.jpg wpid-20150430_100723.jpg wpid-20150430_100729.jpg wpid-20150430_100809.jpg wpid-20150430_100818.jpg wpid-20150430_100848.jpg wpid-20150430_100852.jpg wpid-20150430_101014.jpg wpid-20150430_101101.jpg wpid-20150430_101158.jpg wpid-20150430_101502.jpg wpid-20150430_101331.jpg wpid-20150430_101637.jpg wpid-20150430_102718.jpg wpid-20150430_103639.jpg wpid-20150430_103647.jpg wpid-20150430_104043.jpg wpid-20150430_104216.jpg wpid-20150430_092618.jpg wpid-20150430_162708.jpg wpid-20150430_093201.jpg

We had a special treat for breakfast!  Thank you E and T for sharing donuts with us!!  They were a big hit!  We even got 2 outside play times to run off the sugar! :o)

wpid-20150430_091406.jpg wpid-20150430_091816-1.jpg wpid-20150430_091826.jpg wpid-20150430_091333.jpg wpid-20150430_091322.jpg wpid-20150430_091305.jpg wpid-20150430_091301.jpg wpid-20150430_091256.jpg

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