Seeds and Plants – Jack and the Beanstalk

We read Jack and the Beanstalk today.  We sorted magic beans by color and did a counting activity with them.  We made Beanstalk art.  We also started a science experiment to see if we could grow a bean without soil.  We used a glass jar and wet paper towels, and put in 7 different kinds of beans to see which one of them will grow with no soil.  We did the same experiment with ziplock baggies and the children all chose one magic bean to put in with their wet paper towel.  Our magic beans are actually lima beans that I dyed green, yellow, blue and red many years ago… they may be too old to sprout.  I guess we will see!  Have a wonderful weekend!

wpid-20150501_110710.jpg wpid-20150501_103139.jpg wpid-20150501_102344.jpg wpid-20150501_102248.jpg wpid-20150501_102235.jpg wpid-20150501_102018.jpg wpid-20150501_101441.jpg wpid-20150501_101432.jpg wpid-20150501_101348.jpg wpid-20150501_101244.jpg wpid-20150501_101036.jpg wpid-20150501_091709.jpg wpid-20150501_090549.jpg wpid-20150501_084325.jpg wpid-20150501_084300.jpg wpid-20150501_083736.jpg wpid-20150501_083705.jpg wpid-20150501_083242.jpg wpid-20150501_080720.jpg wpid-20150501_080711.jpg

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