Cinco de Mayo

Monday and Tuesday we will be talking about Cinco de Mayo, and the rest of the week will be about Mom!  Monday we read a book called Colores de la Vida it has the color words in English and then in Spanish.  We worked together to make a piñata out of a balloon.  We also practiced writing our name on the dry erase boards, as well as some shapes, and a few pictures.

wpid-20150504_092039.jpg wpid-20150504_092024.jpg wpid-20150504_102444.jpg wpid-20150504_102430.jpg wpid-20150504_103227.jpg wpid-20150504_103250.jpg wpid-20150504_103259.jpg wpid-20150504_103821.jpg wpid-20150504_105128.jpg wpid-20150504_105142.jpg wpid-20150504_105244.jpg wpid-20150504_112810.jpg wpid-20150504_112815-1.jpg

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