Cinco de Mayo

Watching and trying the Mexican Hat Dance —

wpid-20150505_094101.jpg wpid-20150505_094515.jpg wpid-20150505_094715.jpg wpid-20150505_094912.jpg

Finding Mexico on the globe and checking out a sombrero

wpid-20150505_100128.jpg wpid-20150505_101146.jpg wpid-20150505_101231.jpg

We studied pictures of Mexican Sun Art and made our own.  We had tacos for lunch!  It was a fun day of celebration!

wpid-20150505_101316.jpg wpid-20150505_101622.jpg wpid-20150505_101907.jpg wpid-20150505_102142.jpg wpid-20150505_102145.jpg wpid-20150505_102252.jpg wpid-20150505_102503.jpg wpid-20150505_102456.jpg wpid-20150505_102511.jpg wpid-20150505_102658.jpg wpid-20150505_102701.jpg wpid-20150505_104715.jpg wpid-20150505_104805.jpg wpid-20150505_161249.jpg wpid-20150505_153158.jpg

REMINDERS: Book Orders Due Friday.  Muffins for Mom Monday 8:30-9:00.  Don’t forget to turn in Funny Farm Field Trip permission forms and $.

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