Insects and Worms

This week we are learning about insects and worms.  Some of them are very helpful to flowers and plants and some of them are not.  Today, we read the book Creepy Crawlers and Buzzzz Said the Bee.  Creepy Crawlers is a nonfiction book about bugs, and Buzzz is a silly rhyming book that the children helped me read.  We made ladybugs out of an egg carton and used insect stamps to create a picture.  We added dinosaur sand toys to our kinetic sand and bug eyes to our Science Center.  We also had fun playing in our flower shop, and the weather was beautiful for playground time.  Flower shop pictures can be found on our facebook page

wpid-20150512_0838190.jpg wpid-20150512_084426.jpg wpid-20150512_100312.jpg wpid-20150512_101825.jpg wpid-20150512_101838.jpg wpid-20150512_102115.jpg wpid-20150512_102502.jpg wpid-20150512_102547.jpg wpid-20150512_102627.jpg wpid-20150512_103252-1.jpg    wpid-20150512_104718.jpg wpid-20150512_104639.jpg wpid-20150512_104317.jpg wpid-20150512_104256.jpg

wpid-20150512_112758.jpg wpid-20150512_112748.jpg wpid-20150512_112657.jpg

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