We read Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser, and we learned how helpful worms are for our gardens!  We painted with “worms” (spaghetti) and finger painted with “mud” paint.  I thought the boys would love this, but they were a little grossed out… the girls however loved it!!  We filled up our class Weather Journal we have been doing since January during Circle Time.  The weather watcher would check the weather and then draw a picture of the weather in our weather journal.  From now until the end of school the children will be drawing a picture of the weather in their own weather journals.

wpid-20150513_100602.jpg wpid-20150513_100608.jpg wpid-20150513_101708.jpg wpid-20150513_101745.jpg wpid-20150513_101800.jpg wpid-20150513_101954.jpg wpid-20150513_102232.jpg wpid-20150513_102341.jpg wpid-20150513_102352.jpg

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