We learned about Bees today.  We learned about how pollen sticks to bees feet and they transfer the pollen from flower to flower.  To show them how this works we ate Cheetos and then looked at our orange fingers!  This was a fun and yummy experiment!  We made honeycombs out of honeycomb cereal and used a yellow stamp pad to add fingerprint bees.  There is now a puppet theater in our classroom!  I made a quick trip to Springfield after work yesterday to pick it up… It was a big hit!  We also welcomed a new friend, and had to bring out our 3rd table and for the first time we used all of our cots!  Yay!  We are so happy to have you!

wpid-20150514_105704.jpg wpid-20150514_105646.jpg wpid-20150514_104603.jpg wpid-20150514_104217.jpg wpid-20150514_104211.jpg wpid-20150514_104134.jpg wpid-20150514_104130.jpg wpid-20150514_104116.jpg wpid-20150514_103807.jpg wpid-20150514_103805.jpg wpid-20150514_103725.jpg wpid-20150514_103334.jpg wpid-20150514_102716.jpg wpid-20150514_090516.jpg wpid-20150514_083928.jpg

REMINDER: Our field trip is Wednesday, May 20th!

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