We interrupt our regularly scheduled theme to bring you Tadpoles!!  My son caught a bunch of giant tadpoles that are in all stages of development.  He also brought us a 20 gallon tank for us to watch our tadpoles turn into frogs.  After the metamorphosis is complete they will be taken back to his house so he can release them back into the creek.  The children were so excited, way too excited to talk about anything but tadpoles.  So I dug out our frog books and we learned a few new words like metamorphosis and amphibians.  We talked about the life cycle of a frog and even pretended to be frogs by hopping away from circle time.  We got the tadpoles tank ready and added some rocks, because after their back legs pop out their gills slowly quit working and they have to breath air.  We leaned that from our book Rookie Read-About Science book Tadpole to Frog.  We also boiled and froze some lettuce for them to eat.  This will be such a fun science activity for the kiddos, be sure and ask them about their tadpoles!  I know they will have many storied to tell over the next few weeks!  Thank You David for the tadpoles!


There was a word search on the back of our frog poster and he was showing me that he found all of the letters in his name!


Weather Journals

wpid-20150515_110134.jpg wpid-20150515_104851.jpg wpid-20150515_104507.jpg wpid-20150515_104435.jpg wpid-20150515_104235-1.jpg wpid-20150515_104221.jpg wpid-20150515_104157.jpg wpid-20150515_103311-1.jpg wpid-20150515_103227.jpg wpid-20150515_103153.jpg wpid-20150515_103102.jpg wpid-20150515_103038.jpg wpid-20150515_103021-1.jpg wpid-20150515_103016.jpg wpid-20150515_091031.jpg wpid-20150515_090612.jpg

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