This week we are learning about farms.  I asked the children what they know about farms and these are the answers they gave…


We sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm while looking at the book and read Otis by Loren Long.  Otis is a tractor and we have a few books featuring Otis.  We love Otis!  We practiced writing our names, and painted with tractors.  We also did some more fine motor work with the chalk board.  I wrote the alphabet and the children used water and a paintbrush to trace the letters.  We also had a lot of fun on the playground!!

REMINDER: Field Trip on Wednesday.  We are leaving PLA at 9:30 and will be back around 2:00.  If you are not driving, please remember to leave your child’s car seat.  No School on Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.

wpid-20150518_164648-1.jpg wpid-20150518_163604-1.jpg wpid-20150518_163552.jpg wpid-20150518_163528.jpg wpid-20150518_113006-1.jpg wpid-20150518_112843.jpg wpid-20150518_111533.jpg wpid-20150518_111501.jpg wpid-20150518_105319.jpg wpid-20150518_104303.jpg wpid-20150518_103526.jpg wpid-20150518_103212.jpg wpid-20150518_103149.jpg wpid-20150518_102904.jpg wpid-20150518_102851.jpg wpid-20150518_102739.jpg wpid-20150518_102444.jpg wpid-20150518_102022.jpg wpid-20150518_101810.jpg wpid-20150518_101752.jpg wpid-20150518_085053.jpg wpid-20150518_112133-1.jpg

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