Today we sorted jungle animals and farm animals.  We read Mr. Duck Means Business!  We played with our barns and made fence out of toilet paper rolls and craft sticks.  Some of the children painted with water color and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather on the playground.  The weather tomorrow though is not going to be so nice.  We have decided to reschedule our Field Trip for Thursday same time same place.  I hope this works for everyone!

REMINDER: Field Trip Thursday, May 21st 9:30-2:00.  PLA will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.

wpid-20150519_100954.jpg wpid-20150519_101032.jpg wpid-20150519_101159.jpg wpid-20150519_102146.jpg wpid-20150519_102209-1.jpg wpid-20150519_102220.jpg wpid-20150519_103050.jpg wpid-20150519_103552.jpg wpid-20150519_103704.jpg wpid-20150519_103711.jpg wpid-20150519_103927.jpg wpid-20150519_104158.jpg wpid-20150519_104203.jpg wpid-20150519_104652.jpg wpid-20150519_105955.jpg wpid-20150519_110923.jpg wpid-20150519_112318.jpg wpid-20150519_112322.jpg wpid-20150519_112409.jpg

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