I am so glad we decided to reschedule our field trip!  What a yucky day this turned out to be.  We talked about the different crops some farmers grow, and then we explored corn on the cob!  We took turns shucking it and then we took the corn to the table and painted with them.  We read Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type by Dorren Cronin.

REMINDER: Field Trip tomorrow, a jacket and tennis shoes would be a great idea, and don’t forget your PLA shirts.  No School Monday, May 25th.

wpid-20150520_112113-1.jpg wpid-20150520_104652.jpg wpid-20150520_104642.jpg wpid-20150520_104459.jpg wpid-20150520_104327.jpg wpid-20150520_104156.jpg wpid-20150520_104036.jpg wpid-20150520_103739.jpg wpid-20150520_103636.jpg wpid-20150520_103515.jpg wpid-20150520_103442.jpg wpid-20150520_102934.jpg wpid-20150520_102927.jpg wpid-20150520_102915.jpg wpid-20150520_102834.jpg wpid-20150520_102725.jpg wpid-20150520_102746.jpg wpid-20150520_102755.jpg wpid-20150520_102829.jpg

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