This week we have been busy getting ready for Graduation.  We will be saying goodbye to 7 very special Graduates this year.  Even though I am always sad to see them go I am also excited to see what their future has in store!  Tomorrow I would like to have all of my graduates from 9:00-11:00 for graduation practice.  Our Graduation ceremony will be Sunday at 2:00.  All of our PLA kiddos are invited to come and support their friends.  They can even join in when we do our performance.  Even though we have been busy with graduation preparation there has still been plenty of time for playing!

Pictures from the week!


wpid-20150526_102047.jpg wpid-20150526_102718.jpg wpid-20150526_103119-1.jpg wpid-20150526_104523.jpg wpid-20150526_110750.jpg wpid-20150526_110804.jpg wpid-20150526_101930.jpg wpid-20150526_094105.jpg wpid-20150528_111323.jpg wpid-20150528_111254.jpg wpid-20150528_111144.jpg wpid-20150528_111117.jpg wpid-20150528_105311.jpg wpid-20150528_105345.jpg wpid-20150528_104748.jpg wpid-20150527_105418.jpg wpid-20150528_085142-1.jpg wpid-20150528_095711.jpg wpid-20150528_095940.jpg wpid-20150528_104340.jpg wpid-20150528_103948.jpg wpid-20150528_103842.jpg wpid-20150528_102135.jpg wpid-20150528_101332.jpg wpid-20150528_104416.jpg wpid-20150528_104407.jpg wpid-20150528_104709.jpg wpid-20150528_104715.jpg wpid-20150528_104742.jpg wpid-20150526_110839.jpg wpid-20150526_110853.jpg wpid-20150526_111059.jpg wpid-20150526_111153.jpg wpid-20150526_111222.jpg wpid-20150526_111512.jpg wpid-20150526_140303.jpg wpid-20150526_152855-1.jpg wpid-20150526_163356.jpg wpid-20150526_172341.jpg

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