Art Week

We had such a fun week expressing our artistic side.  We learned about Monett and Picasso.  We talked about colors and learned about color mixing.  We read some fun color and art books… We read Ish, The Dot, Bear Sees Colors, Beautiful Oops, and Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors.  On Monday we learned about Monett and made our own Monett inspired painting.

wpid-20150622_101410.jpg wpid-20150622_101238.jpg wpid-20150622_101507.jpg wpid-20150622_102220.jpg wpid-20150622_102954.jpg wpid-20150622_103003.jpg wpid-20150622_103239.jpg wpid-20150622_103245.jpg wpid-20150622_102817.jpg wpid-20150622_102738.jpg wpid-20150626_092218-1.jpg

Tuesday we read the book Ish.  This book celebrates all art abilities!  We drew pictures and explored different drawing materials.  We used markers, crayons and chalk to draw.

wpid-20150623_101434.jpg wpid-20150623_101455.jpg wpid-20150623_101515.jpg wpid-20150623_101819.jpg wpid-20150623_102019.jpg wpid-20150623_102303.jpg wpid-20150623_163045.jpg

Wednesday we painted on an artist canvas… they turned out beautiful!

wpid-20150624_100317.jpg wpid-20150624_100428.jpg wpid-20150624_100500.jpg wpid-20150624_100827.jpg wpid-20150624_101559.jpg wpid-20150626_090243-1.jpg

Thursday we read The Dot and made our own dot art.

wpid-20150625_160917.jpg wpid-20150625_102254.jpg wpid-20150625_102222.jpg wpid-20150625_102211.jpgwpid-20150626_092226-1.jpg

Friday we learned about Picasso and made our own Picasso inspired artwork. They started with a piece of construction paper color of their choice, next they cut up a picture of themselves, and finally glued their pieces on to make a really cool piece of art.  I love how this project turned out!

wpid-20150626_103037.jpg wpid-20150626_103020.jpg wpid-20150626_102933.jpg wpid-20150626_102753.jpg wpid-20150626_102740.jpg wpid-20150626_102631.jpg wpid-20150626_102435.jpg wpid-20150626_102358.jpg wpid-20150626_101605.jpg wpid-20150626_101634.jpg wpid-20150626_104028-1.jpg

A few more pictures…

wpid-20150626_162819.jpg wpid-20150626_163135.jpg wpid-20150626_164025.jpg wpid-20150626_153928.jpg wpid-20150626_153941.jpg wpid-20150624_091007.jpg wpid-20150622_111354.jpg

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This week we explored different careers.  I am very fortunate I am doing what I wanted to do when I grew up… Well not exactly, but I always wanted to be a teacher.  I did think that I wanted to be a 4th grade teacher, my 4th grade teacher was my favorite teacher of all time!  Her name was Mrs.Jones and she made you feel like you could accomplish anything, she was such a sweet, kind, loving person!  So, even though life changed my plans a little I don’t regret it at all.  When I lucked into my first preschool teaching job I fell in love with this age group.  I can’t imagine doing anything else, I know I am very fortunate to have a job that I love so much.  Owning my own preschool, I thought was such a far off dream, but when you have such an amazing support system and you are willing to put in the hard work anything is possible!!

Some of the careers we learned about this week were… Police Officers, Fire Fighters,  Astronauts, Meteorologist, Oceanographers, Mail Carriers, Doctors and Veterinarians, .  We made our own police badge and hat, we painted with “fire”  and had a fire drill with a real firefighter and made it outside in record time! We did outer space finger painting, searched for ocean animals in a water sensory table, experimented with a cloud and made it rain, sat up a post office in our classroom and made letters and post cards to mail to our friends and family.  We made an x-ray of our arm, pretended to be doctors and veterinarians, and used our dress up clothes to role play.  We had a fun week!  Next week our theme will be Art!

REMINDER: We will be closed Friday, July 3rd and our Summer Break/Teacher Work Week is coming up.  We will be closed July 27-August 7.

wpid-20150615_103943.jpg wpid-20150615_105801-1.jpg wpid-20150616_084801-1.jpg wpid-20150616_091605.jpg wpid-20150616_104204.jpg wpid-20150616_104246.jpg wpid-20150616_105114.jpg wpid-20150616_110127.jpg wpid-20150616_110206.jpg wpid-20150616_112718-1.jpg wpid-20150617_103217.jpg wpid-20150617_103419.jpg wpid-20150617_103738.jpg wpid-20150617_103951.jpg wpid-20150617_105713.jpg wpid-20150617_162803.jpg wpid-20150618_105141.jpg wpid-20150618_105918.jpg wpid-20150618_110313.jpg wpid-20150618_111631.jpg wpid-20150619_102756.jpg wpid-20150619_103658.jpg wpid-20150619_104328.jpg wpid-20150619_105656-1.jpg wpid-20150619_105646.jpg

Kids in the Kitchen

I love to cook!  I think if I wasn’t a preschool teacher I would be doing something with food.  I love this theme, and I love to share my love of cooking with the kiddos!  We had a lot of fun this week.  We decorated an apron we can use in the kitchen, we got fitted for our chefs hat, and we did a whole lot of cooking.  We talked about food all week, learned about reading recipes and how to measure ingredients.  We read some fun food books my favorite this week is also one of Big Emilea’s favorite books of all time called Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! All of our recipes from this week have been put into a cookbook for you to take home!

Monday 4 PLA 3 PLA 4 PLA Academy 3 SAM_0393 SAM_0415 SAM_0432 SAM_0457 SAM_0464 SAM_0478 SAM_0485 SAM_0488 SAM_0533 SAM_0541 SAM_0474

Summer Academy Week 1 – Exploring Animals

We had a great first week of Summer Academy!  This week we explored animals!  We read many great animal books, but my favorite from the week was called Lion’s Lunch by Fiona Tierney.  We dressed up in animal masks and had animal puppet shows.  We looked on the globe and talked about different kinds of animals that live in different parts of the world.  We created art with scraps of paper and sticker eyes, we painted, stamped, and made art with animal stickers.  We also practiced our writing with the dry erase boards and practiced letter recognition with our letter stamps.  We welcomed 5 new friends this week… we are so happy to have you all!  Next week our theme is Kids in the Kitchen, get ready to do some cooking!!

wpid-20150605_105340.jpg wpid-20150605_103310.jpg

wpid-20150605_102842.jpg wpid-20150605_101335.jpg wpid-20150605_103028.jpg

SAM_0321 SAM_0330 SAM_0332 SAM_0340 SAM_0343 SAM_0347 SAM_0360 SAM_0365 SAM_0371 SAM_0379

wpid-20150601_171922.jpg wpid-20150601_163203-1.jpg wpid-20150601_110334.jpg wpid-20150601_110325.jpg wpid-20150601_105032.jpg wpid-20150601_104943.jpg wpid-20150601_103922.jpg wpid-20150601_103806.jpg wpid-20150601_102652.jpg wpid-20150601_102649.jpg wpid-20150601_102553.jpg wpid-20150601_101843.jpg wpid-20150601_094908.jpg wpid-20150601_085839.jpg wpid-20150601_084140.jpg wpid-20150601_102614.jpg wpid-20150602_100314.jpg wpid-20150602_111013.jpg wpid-20150603_090127.jpg wpid-20150603_090955.jpg