Art Week

We had such a fun week expressing our artistic side.  We learned about Monett and Picasso.  We talked about colors and learned about color mixing.  We read some fun color and art books… We read Ish, The Dot, Bear Sees Colors, Beautiful Oops, and Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors.  On Monday we learned about Monett and made our own Monett inspired painting.

wpid-20150622_101410.jpg wpid-20150622_101238.jpg wpid-20150622_101507.jpg wpid-20150622_102220.jpg wpid-20150622_102954.jpg wpid-20150622_103003.jpg wpid-20150622_103239.jpg wpid-20150622_103245.jpg wpid-20150622_102817.jpg wpid-20150622_102738.jpg wpid-20150626_092218-1.jpg

Tuesday we read the book Ish.  This book celebrates all art abilities!  We drew pictures and explored different drawing materials.  We used markers, crayons and chalk to draw.

wpid-20150623_101434.jpg wpid-20150623_101455.jpg wpid-20150623_101515.jpg wpid-20150623_101819.jpg wpid-20150623_102019.jpg wpid-20150623_102303.jpg wpid-20150623_163045.jpg

Wednesday we painted on an artist canvas… they turned out beautiful!

wpid-20150624_100317.jpg wpid-20150624_100428.jpg wpid-20150624_100500.jpg wpid-20150624_100827.jpg wpid-20150624_101559.jpg wpid-20150626_090243-1.jpg

Thursday we read The Dot and made our own dot art.

wpid-20150625_160917.jpg wpid-20150625_102254.jpg wpid-20150625_102222.jpg wpid-20150625_102211.jpgwpid-20150626_092226-1.jpg

Friday we learned about Picasso and made our own Picasso inspired artwork. They started with a piece of construction paper color of their choice, next they cut up a picture of themselves, and finally glued their pieces on to make a really cool piece of art.  I love how this project turned out!

wpid-20150626_103037.jpg wpid-20150626_103020.jpg wpid-20150626_102933.jpg wpid-20150626_102753.jpg wpid-20150626_102740.jpg wpid-20150626_102631.jpg wpid-20150626_102435.jpg wpid-20150626_102358.jpg wpid-20150626_101605.jpg wpid-20150626_101634.jpg wpid-20150626_104028-1.jpg

A few more pictures…

wpid-20150626_162819.jpg wpid-20150626_163135.jpg wpid-20150626_164025.jpg wpid-20150626_153928.jpg wpid-20150626_153941.jpg wpid-20150624_091007.jpg wpid-20150622_111354.jpg

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