Celebrating America

This week was all red, white, and blue!  We talked about our country and the real superheroes that keep us safe and are the reason we celebrate Independence Day!  We have a daddy right now serving our country, Joel Grout X, thank you for the sacrifices you, and your family, have made for our country!  I am lucky enough to not only get to be your daughters teacher, but also have gained a lifelong friend! We are very proud of you, and so grateful for what you do!!

On Monday we made red, white, and blue art using star and flag cookie cutter and paint.  Painted at the easel with firework pictures as an inspiration.  We also made red, white, and blue play dough!

wpid-20150629_102331.jpg wpid-20150629_102412.jpg wpid-20150629_102602.jpg wpid-20150629_103059.jpg wpid-20150629_103137.jpg wpid-20150629_104224.jpg wpid-20150629_104258.jpg wpid-20150629_105344.jpg wpid-20150629_105801.jpg wpid-20150629_110100.jpg

On Tuesday, we talked about our flag.  We read the book Betsy Ross by Becky White.  We counted the stripes and stars on our flag today, and compared it to the first flag created by Betsy Ross.  We made flag inspired art with white paper, red stripes, and blue square and white paint.

wpid-20150630_104506.jpg wpid-20150630_104538.jpg wpid-20150630_104630.jpg wpid-20150630_105335.jpg wpid-20150630_165905.jpg

Wednesday we took on a huge project and Tie Dyed T-shirts!!  Totally worth the red and blue hands Big Emilea and I ended up with!

wpid-20150701_100136.jpg wpid-20150701_100758.jpg wpid-20150701_100931.jpg wpid-20150701_101038.jpg wpid-20150701_101233.jpg wpid-20150701_103103.jpg wpid-20150701_103551.jpg wpid-20150701_104004.jpg wpid-20150701_104730.jpg wpid-20150701_105028.jpg wpid-20150701_112028.jpgwpid-20150702_110250-1.jpg

Thursday was a day full of Fireworks Science!  We made fireworks in milk http://www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/article/science-nature-activities/home-science-experiments-color-changing-milk

wpid-20150702_102105.jpg wpid-20150702_102346.jpg

Fireworks in a jar- http://www.aboutamom.com/science-fun-for-kids-fireworks-in-a-jar/

wpid-20150702_103422.jpg wpid-20150702_103129.jpg wpid-20150702_103119.jpg

One of my favorite 4th of July activities brings a little explosive fun!!  Exploding Fireworks Painting – http://inspirationlaboratories.com/exploding-fireworks-painting-4th-of-july-craft-for-kids/ They loved this so much we did it twice!  I also posted a video on our facebook page www.facebook.com/plaacademy

wpid-20150702_100249.jpg wpid-20150702_100144.jpg wpid-20150702_155527.jpg

We want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July!  See you Monday!

REMINDER: PLA will be closed July 27-August 7 for Teacher Work Week/Summer Break

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