Christmas in July

We had so much fun revisiting one of our favorite holidays last week!  There is nothing like decorating a Christmas tree and singing Jingle Bells when the temps are close to 100 degrees!  We even got a visit from an old friend (Spidey our Elf on the Shelf)  thanks to a little Santa magic!  On Monday we decorated our Christmas tree and brought out the little tree again.  The best way to keep little hands off the tree is by giving them their own tree to decorate as many times as they want!

wpid-20150713_102134.jpg wpid-20150713_102226.jpg wpid-20150713_102240.jpg wpid-20150713_102421.jpg wpid-20150713_102837.jpg wpid-20150713_103053.jpg wpid-20150713_102326-1.jpg wpid-20150713_102421.jpg wpid-20150713_103725.jpg wpid-20150713_104305.jpg wpid-20150713_084047.jpg wpid-20150713_103747.jpg wpid-20150713_103752.jpg

On Tuesday we made torn paper Christmas Trees…

wpid-20150714_102323.jpg wpid-20150714_102326.jpg wpid-20150714_103205.jpg wpid-20150714_103723.jpg wpid-20150714_090845-1.jpg wpid-20150714_160428.jpg wpid-20150715_083142.jpgwpid-20150716_161742-1.jpg

On Wednesday we made spoon painted Christmas lights…

wpid-20150715_102943.jpg wpid-20150715_102908.jpg wpid-20150715_102842.jpg wpid-20150715_091903.jpg

On Thursday we made sun catcher ornaments…

wpid-20150716_104053.jpg wpid-20150716_104122.jpg wpid-20150716_104632.jpgwpid-20150716_103559.jpg wpid-20150716_104637.jpg

A perfect way to end Christmas in July week…. Polar Express Day!  We wore our jammies, decorated sugar cookies, read The Polar Express and listened to the soundtrack, we made a train, and drank chocolate milk!  It was a little too hot for hot chocolate.

wpid-20150716_173735.jpg wpid-20150717_093157.jpg wpid-20150717_093242.jpg wpid-20150717_093343.jpg wpid-20150717_093414.jpg wpid-20150717_093502.jpg wpid-20150717_093640.jpg wpid-20150717_093947.jpg wpid-20150717_095221.jpg

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