The Great Outdoors/Camping

We ended our PLA Summer Academy session with a camping week!  On Monday we sat up our big tent in the classroom for a quiet place to enjoy books and make up stories with our camping story stones.

wpid-20150720_100703.jpg wpid-20150720_100805.jpgwpid-20150720_113622.jpg wpid-20150720_163857.jpg wpid-20150720_163902.jpg wpid-20150721_171618.jpg wpid-20150720_111621-1.jpg

We finger painted with the colors of a camp fire and went fishing for alphabet fish on Tuesday.

wpid-20150721_104436.jpg wpid-20150721_104602.jpg wpid-20150721_105131.jpg wpid-20150722_083546.jpg wpid-20150722_084743-1.jpg

On Wednesday we made clean mud on the playground.  We added color water in squirt bottles so our mud was a little more colorful then the link I posted.  It was a very cool sensory activity.  I can’t believe this is the first time I have made clean mud!

wpid-20150722_100256.jpg wpid-20150722_100510.jpg wpid-20150722_101600.jpg wpid-20150722_101646.jpg wpid-20150722_102256.jpg wpid-20150722_111609.jpg

On Thursday we made a  S’mores collage with light brown felt for the graham crackers, dark brown foam chocolate, and cotton ball marshmallows.

wpid-20150723_103736.jpg wpid-20150723_104146.jpg wpid-20150723_104649.jpg

Friday, we took our project back to the playground.  We did some science exploring:  we had colored and scented water with droppers, cornstarch, baking soda, vinegar squirt bottles, fresh and dried herbs, and tools for exploring..  They had so much fun and the favorite were as always baking soda and vinegar!  My step dad, Don, came in and read some books and poems to the children.  For snack we made real S’mores!  Yummy!

wpid-20150724_095538.jpg wpid-20150724_095643.jpg wpid-20150724_095919-1.jpg wpid-20150724_100725.jpg wpid-20150724_101115.jpg wpid-20150724_103610.jpg wpid-20150724_111159.jpg wpid-20150724_151237.jpg wpid-20150724_151425.jpg wpid-20150724_152419.jpg wpid-20150724_152628.jpg wpid-20150724_152650.jpg wpid-20150724_152706.jpg wpid-20150724_152949.jpg

REMINDER: PLA is closed for the next 2 weeks for teacher work week and summer vacation.  We will reopen on August 10th.  Our first day of the 2015-2016 school year is August 17th.  A new school supply list was put in your child’s cubby or was included in your packet, these need to be brought in by the end of August.  If you didn’t get a list and need one let me know and I will send you one.  Thank You for all you do!  If you need anything between now and the 10th email, text, or call me 573-216-3855. We are very excited about our new school year!!  See you soon!!

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