About Our School

Preschool PaintingPlay Learn Achieve Academy is a Lake of the Ozarks preschool in Camdenton, Missouri for children ages 2-5.

Our center is based on the belief that children learn best through play.

Preschool is preparing a child academically for “Big School” but it so much more than that! It is learning to be responsible for our own things and actions, learning how to follow rules, learning to be away from mom and dad, learning how to be a good friend, how to stand in a line, how to sit still for a period of time.
Our child-centered program means that we create our lesson plans based off of what the children are interested in. This is their classroom and they will choose the themes they want to learn about. We take those ideas and build around them to make sure they are developing the skills they need to be successful in further education and in life. We will be working on fine motor, math/science, literacy, gross motor and social skills- all disguised as PLAY.

Play Academy Preschool

Play Learn Achieve Academy – Lake of the Ozarks – Camdenton Missouri
Owner, Director Carina Blair
All Rights Reserved 2014

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