Christmas Trees and Lights

We decorated more triangles for our class tree, and painted with plastic spoons.  I showed them how you could make it look like a string of Christmas lights, but most of them just enjoyed painting with a spoon!  We read Turkey Claus, it was a cute and silly Christmas book about a turkey that escaped Thanksgiving Dinner, but was afraid he wouldn’t get so lucky for Christmas Dinner.  The Turkey book reminded the children of our Thanksgiving songs so we sang Albuquerque Turkey and changed the end to for our Christmas Dinner instead of Thanksgiving Dinner.  Spidey was a bad elf and left the children “snowball” donuts for breakfast!  I told him I did not approve of the sugary breakfast and maybe he needs to be on the Naughty List!  The children, of course, thought that was hilarious, and they loved the sugary treat :o)

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Christmas Trees & Lights

Spidey is back!  We read The Elf on the Shelf book, and the kiddos were so happy to see Spidey again!

wpid-20141202_080515-1.jpg wpid-20141202_080004.jpg DSCN8989 DSCN8992

This week we are learning about the letter L.  We learned L in Sign language, talked about things that begin with the letter L, and listened to our L song.

DSCN9002 DSCN9006

We decorated green triangle trees that will be combined to become a class Christmas tree in our hallway.  We played in the Christmas sensory tub, and had a lot of fun pretending and playing with our new Christmas additions in the classroom!

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